"Seventh Ave. South" Replica Guardala MB II Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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"Shipping can take from 2-4 weeks on this item. Sorry for the wait but these are Hand Finished! If we have the Mouthpiece in stock we will ship it within a few days of Purchase!  THANKS!!!!"

This New model is a Precision Hand & CAD Copy of my own Personal MBII that Dave Guardala hand made for me when he first started his operation. he was making this choice pieces for Michael Brecker, Branford Marsalis, Tom Scott and others. This model is CnC milled from Solid Bell Brass and Silver Plated. My Original piece had a .107 Tip and we offer that and a .116 Tip as well. Added mastery comes again from the hand finishing work by a highly Skilled tech. The piece has tons of power, core, and center. Not just edge. Unlike many other copies that are available on the market this is a direct Replica from a hand made and hand picked mouthpiece by its creator Dave Guardala. The mouthpiece blows very free and has a huge sound. The baffle is very responsive and just takes the air and turns out many RPMs! It has a larger chamber behind that hot baffle and you can produce a really warm fat sound or blow the windows open. The piece is ultra reed friendly and plays very well in tune. its a great piece for Jazz, Latin, R&B, Blues etc. it has extreme power and a great tone. 

This mouthpiece comes with a Rover Star Series Ligature & Rovner Cap!

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