"Great Review by Steve Neff on the New Yorker"


David Parasz

12:43 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
Hi JP,
Pleasant surprise in the mail this morning. My Slant arrived! You weren't kidding. It plays great. I'm now the proud owner of a Super D and Tru-Slant, and I think I now have some pieces that are facsimiles of classics, but with even better craftsmanship thanks to your initiative and Eric. (And I'm a big Bob fan.) Thanks for putting out some great products, 

mark p kieme 

8:27 AM (42 minutes ago)
to iReedMan's
Wow. everything you said it was! Free blowing, rich, responsive, and just like the one double-ring I had 30 years ago.Bravo!!!

Tim Messina

8:37 AM (31 minutes ago)
to iReedMan's
I received the mouthpiece and tried it yesterday. It is a quality piece and very easy to play. I have an 8 week Setzer tour coming up that I'm looking forward to bringing it on the road with me. 
I wish you much success with this endeavor. 
Thank you,

Tru Slant is fantastic, Joel!
Really impressed
 UK Special 105/2 
Geoff Nudell I just bought one and played it on a gig for the first time last night. It exceeded my expectations!
19 mins

Alexandre Macedo 

May 23 
I already have my mouthpiece in Brazil and she is amazing! Congratulations, it's perfect. 

Thomas Desch 3/31/17

I have got my New Yorker 7M today. I usually do not play much Alto but I cannot stop trying it. Never played as high on Alto. What a fat sound and response. I loved it from the first moment.

Hi Joel,
"I've had my Super D for a month now and I love it. It was unbelievably great from the get-go. Thanks, man.  All the best. Dave in Toronto"

"Jeff Gordon" 7* Super D New York

"Want to say JP that the piece is awesome , unreal the flat out best "Link" I have ever played. Like my friend the late Frank Vicari would say- it has that magic- thanks and be well- Jeff


Via eBay Feedback sale of his 8M Alto

Joel, now I have a true back up to my Meyer Brothers. It could be my no. 1. 

John Reilly

"Lawrence Feldman"

I had a Moderately orgasmic fuller trial of tenor mpc last night.

To me it's not quite an Otto Link voice, it's a little wetter, and better overall.. what I love is I can't stop playing it and the CRISPNESS factor is high. 

New Yorker & Super D

"Les Thimmig"

Alto #7 – 011
Alto #5 – 023
Tenor #8*(silver) – 024

First, the altos. The #7 arrived on Thursday (June 2). I immediately slapped the horn together and took the mouthpiece through everything I could think of: loud, soft, high, low, fast, slow, classical flute lines, Confirmation, slow blues, Cherokee at the speed of light, you name it. On Friday, I had a recording session playing improvisationally behind a bluesy pop singer. The date was all alto except for two tracks on flute. Then on Sunday, I played a three-hour big band gig on lead alto. The timing of its arrival was perfect: I got to play damned near everything on it. And when the #5 arrived a couple of weeks later, I gave it a similar workout. And my response to both simply caused me to bust out giggling. Bob, you remember my goofy story about my mouthpiece coming out of Phil Woods’s duffel bag? That was the (Meyer) #5. I added the #7 a few years later, both for backup and variety. In terms you guys will certainly understand, the #5 leaned toward a “Phil” quality, the #7 toward a “Quill”. And I’ve been happily banging on them without letup ever since. None of the other mouthpieces I’ve tried over the years have even come close. But now these two new beauties have reshuffled the deck. Not only do they match the complex resonance and flexibility of my golden oldies, but they exceed them. There’s a greater sense of depth and bottom in the sound, what the brass guys call “belly”. It’s for sure that these are what I’ll be using from now on.

So how’s this for an advertising hook?........”This mouthpiece has caused me to change my alto mouthpiece for the first time since 1963”. (I’d like to hear those young punks make THAT statement!)

Concerning the tenor, I’m afraid that I’ve been experiencing a little bit of a drought in my public activities for the past few weeks. (Gee......Is it something I said?.....) I’ll be back in action starting next week, but so far I have only played at home. But who needs gigs to know what’s happening? The mouthpiece is solid! For the past eight or so years, I’ve been using one that Theo Wanne made for me, one with an extremely high baffle, bigger than his standard production models. And this has been the closest thing I’ve found to the glory days of Link. Yours plays remarkably similar to it. But the more I play the two side by side, I’m leaning heavily toward yours. And for the same reasons listed above: belly and flexibility. I’ll know for sure after I’ve been out honking on a few dates, but I’ll be quite surprised if I don’t make this Number one.


Frank Battaglia Super D Florida #6*

The NY Double D plays great!
A little brighter than my old NY Double Ring (I regretfully sold for years until now) but better harmonics (dead on) and intonation. Very responsive top to bottom
You cats should do well with this one.
Unlike others that have claimed to copy a DR --- this one does.
With my two NY Tonemasters (one refaced by Theo Wanne 16 years-- my fav mpc for the last decade or so) my tenor mpc search is over
Best Wishes.


Hi Joel, 
Your RR New Yorker #6M alto mpc arrived today.  It is killing ... I just love it.   It is a definitely upgrade from my favorite alto piece (refaced modern Meyer).  I'll be spending some quality time with it this week and will be posting about it shortly.
Many thanks.
Steve Macdonald

Super D Gold New York #7

"Justin Vasquez"
VP of Resource Management New School of Music

Thanks again, can't say enough great things about this piece. One of the greatest examples of what the tenor is capable of sounding like. Fat, wide classic tone with instant response. Doesn't lose it's center in the extremes of range. If I can ever help you or Bob in any capacity please don't hesitate to give me a call. I've had 5 people play this piece and they all want to know where to get one.




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