“Shorty” Replica 50’s Selmer Scroll Shank-Round Chamber Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

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Shipping can take from 1-2 weeks on this item. Sorry for the wait but these are Handmade! If we have the Mouthpiece in stock we will ship it within a few days of Purchase!  THANKS!!!!

We are very proud and excited to release the Retro Revival "SHORTY," a truly accurate replica of the "Short Scroll Shank", "round chamber" soprano mouthpiece. Over the years, this highly sought-after mouthpiece from the 50’s became the industry's favorite and is still the standard bearer for soprano mouthpieces. This spectacular performing mouthpiece meticulously hand crafted by Eric Falcon is CNC milled from the best German rod rubber.

 Anyone looking for a great “scroll shank”, knows how rare and difficult it is to find a tip opening larger than a “D”. Retro Revival’s "SHORTY" is available in tip sizes from “D” to “H”. Our personal search for an original “scroll" took close to three years to then find an “F” that performed well. In our opinion, these new replicas play better than the originals as they are more consistent. Master craftsman Eric Falcon improved the facing in comparison to the originals so there is more efficiency and sparkle to every SHORTY that will certainly impress. Intonation is the first concern crucial to soprano mouthpieces' performance. SHORTY's harmonics will prove amazingly stable, with just enough resistance to keep the pitch locked, a clean positive response in the palm keys and popping articulation in all registers. Please refer to our video examples of Bob Sheppard and others play testing the "SHORTY".

I’m sure you can feel our excitement to finally offer this beautiful performing soprano replica. We are certain the "SHORTY" will fill a long standing void in the market eliminating the expense and frustration we have all experienced. 

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